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It depends. It isn't illegal to have someone else pick up a pawn loan in your behalf. A loan provider may not allow it due to store policy. But there are some that definitely do.
A pawn loan is a type of fast cash secured loan. You will be required to pawn an item of value, which will then serve as your collateral. You can easily obtain a pawn loan without having to go through the usual loan process. There are no credit checks involved, so it wouldn't matter if you had bad credit or not.
How much you can borrow will depend on the value of the pawned item. It will be assessed for its condition, its actual market value, and resale value. If you're unable to pay off your loan, the shop will gain ownership of the pawned item and have the right to sell it.
Given the ease of pawn loan applications, it makes sense why most shops won't allow someone else to pick up the loan for you. This is actually for your own personal safety. It is meant to protect your valuable from being illegally pawned in case it was stolen. It also ensures that the rightful owner of the pawned item receives the loan.
Some shops allow someone else to pick up your pawn loan under. However, it comes with a condition. Your representative must present a notarized letter that authorizes them to receive the pawn loan in your behalf, in case you're unable to pick it up yourself.